Germantown Laundromat



About Us

The Germantown Laundromat has been around since 1965 and in its newest iteration, it explores how we can live a cleaner life. The back of the building still functions as a 24/7 Laundromat -- using energy efficient machines that pull energy from wind and solar and conserve water by weighing the clothes before filling with the appropriate amount. The backyard offers a clothesline, bocce court, and seating -- so you can enjoy the outdoors while you do your laundry. The front of the building is a Shop that offers Mending + Repair Services, Bulk Refills (detergents, soaps and cleaning products), and Reusable Household Products that help replace single use waste! The bright yellow building hopes to make the conversation around Climate Change less daunting -- encouraging small behavioral changes that help take care of our planet. It's a place to begin, and why not start with something we all do -- Laundry!