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The Doane Stuart School is one of the region's oldest Early Childhood-12 coed schools. At Doane Stuart, students of all ages learn by actively engaging with the curriculum, one that is traditional at its core and is also flexible enough to allow a student to follow his or her passion. The classroom environment exudes intellectual curiosity, inquiry and genuine scholarship. Students at Doane Stuart appreciate fine teaching and make life-long friends of their teachers and their peers.
Doane Stuart was established in 1975, with the merger of two Albany schools - Kenwood Academy, founded in 1852, and St. Agnes School, founded in 1870 - that were rooted in the Roman Catholic and Episcopal traditions. The result is a place where students of all faiths grow and learn together. As a co-educational interfaith school, we welcome students of all backgrounds and traditions. And our community is based on tolerance and respect. We celebrate diversity, and we provide a nurturing yet challenging environment that prepares students for today's global community. It is a place to grow your mind and build your heart.