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About Us

Bodhi Holistic Spa is a mindful and inspiring environment where individuals find holistic health and wellness.
Within our four walls, you will find eight intentional spa treatment rooms, a welcoming setting for your yoga practice, a boutique curated with intentional holistic products, and workshops and classes to help you heal, relax, and find solid ground.

In 2005, Melinda Macchiaroli founded Bodhi. Melinda is a massage therapist, energy worker, yoga instructor, and all-around wellness lover and expert. At a young age, through global mentors, self-discovery, and exploration she rebuilt her understanding of consciousness, self, health, and spirituality which launched her to create Bodhi Holistic Spa.
In 2011, Melinda and her husband TJ purchased the stunning 1910 Bodhi building and transformed it to its original beauty. It was through much hard work, heavy lifting, and grit that Melinda and her husband were able to make the incredible transformation. TJ managed and executed the construction while Melinda designed the environment. It was truly team work to make this renovation what it is today. The spa boasts stunningly tall ceilings and beautiful architecture, making it the perfect environment for individuals to find restoration.

Bodhi is a nurturing compilation of services and products designed to help bring greater peace into your life. As a team, we are committed to health and wellness in every practice. The products and services we offer are wholly focused on prioritizing your wellbeing.